Big Challenge 2021

von Petra Ladner
23. Juni 2021

This year only 33 of our students have taken part in the Big Challenge Contest. This is really a pity. Especially as last year nearly all our students took part.

But Congratulations to the 33!!!! All of them have won in some way as they have taken the challenge and have improved their English as well as their knowledge about the English speaking countries while practising for the contest.

The total amount of points that could be reached in each level was 350 points.

You can see the average scores of our school below:


Therefore we can proudly present two outstanding winners:
Hafele Jonas has reached the highest score of Tirol in Level 6 and Boros Lidia the second highest one in Level 5. That‘s really brilliant and absolutely amazing.
They have already received their highest earned prizes: a T-Shirt, a trophy, a dictionary, a speaker as well as sweets and a voucher from our headmaster Andreas Juen.
And everybody else had the chance to win one of the prizes in our lottery.
Each student has received a certificate, a pencil and a big poster anyway.
So hopefully more students will take part in the Big Challenge Contest next year.