von Robert Ladner
29. Juni 2020

Many things have been different since Corona started to spread our country. Also the Big Challenge contest was different this year as the students had to do it at home. But nevertheless more than 100 of our students took part on the 8th of May. And all them have won in some way as they have taken the challenge and have improved their English and their knowledge about the English speaking countries while practising for the contest. Therefore congratulations to all of them!!!

The total amount of points that could be reached in each level was 350 points. The average number of points reached at our school is higher than the one of Tirol and even much higher than the one of Autria.

Our best results in level 8:

  1. Christian Feichtenschlager         338 Points

That’s the highest score reached at our school. The third place of Tirol and the 5th of Austria. That’s really absolutely brilliant! Congratulations and our highest recognition!!!

  1. Sonja Juen                                   334 Points
  2. Lena Ladner                                 331 Points

Our best results in level 7:

  1. Anouk Van Reijen                       315 Points
  2. Anna Tschiderer                         300 Points
  3. Yannick Hafele                            294 Points

Our best results in level 6:

   1. Jonathan Rudigier                        321 Points

That’s even the first place of Tirol and really amazing!               Congratulations!

   2. Theresa Walser                              308 Points

   3. Jonas Kathrein                              303 Points

Our best results in level 5:

  1. Giulia Aloys                             316 Points
  2. Jonas Hafele                            296 Points
  3. Ilvy Ladner                               286 Points

Many thanks to our headmaster Mr. Andreas Juen for the voucher and the sweets!